Full body Laser Hair Removal. Is it worth it?

Removing hair through waxing, shaving, and tweezing can be painful and harmful to the skin, particularly in more sensitive and intimate areas. This is why more people, men and women, turn to laser hair removal in Plymouth as an effective alternative to traditional hair removal options.

If you want to remove unwanted hair in various areas, Hyde Park Laser Clinic recommend doing it all at once. Here are a few reasons you should consider full-body laser hair removal:


Long lasting hair removal

After a course of treatments, full-body laser hair removal can be a permanent hair reduction option, allowing you to enjoy silky smooth skin. No more uncomfortable shaving and painful waxing or plucking.


Efficient and convenient

Rather than booking several treatment sessions over a few months, a Full Body laser hair removal service will allow your body to be on the same schedule. So all areas of your body will experience the same stages of hair removal at the same time.


Cost effective

Laser hair removal treatments can save you money in the long run. Regular treatment sessions result in permanent hair reduction, making it a long-term and cost-effective solution. You don’t need to worry about painful waxing, or constantly buying razors or shaving creams!


Safe & effective

Shaving or waxing can be itchy and painful, especially when you do it on sensitive parts of the body. Unlike these hair removal options, a Full Laser Hair Removal treatment from Hyde Park Laser Clinic in Plymouth uses Eneka PRO Diode Laser technology, which is the most advanced, effective & highest power diode laser for hair removal in the world.


Banish those ingrown hairs!

Ingrown hairs appear when hair grows back after shaving or waxing, leaving little red bumps on the skin. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle at the root, stopping the hair’s ability to grow without damaging the surface of the skin.


If you would like to be full-body hair free, or would like to know more about the process… please contact us for more information! We already have a number of satisfied customers who have kindly left reviews for us. Or you can read more about the Eneka PRO Laser technology that we use at our clinic.