Laser Some Legs With Me

Here is one of the most popular treatment areas we do here at Hyde Park Laser Clinic. Just imagine the time you can save by not having to shave your legs. 

The Eneka-Pro medical grade diode laser delivers great results you would only wish you started sooner.

Here in the video we cover up any tattoos, map out the legs in sections with white pen, apply clear gel, then start laser if away those hairs!

This kind of treatment is approximately a 45 minute session. The treatment time itself is half that but I don’t like to make my clients feel rushed and like to make them feel comfortable throughout.

One of the many benefits of laser treatments is that you need to be clean shaven for your appointments so you don’t have to go through the annoyance of growing your hair like you would for waxing.
It also helps to eliminate shaving rash, ingrown hairs, dark patches (usually in underarms) and strawberry legs.

Autumn/Winter is the best time to have laser treatment. This is because the risk of UV on the skin is a lot less then in the summer months so the aftercare is easier to follow.

Don’t delay and start your laser hair removal journey today!

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