Let’s talk PCOS & Laser Hair Removal

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common hormone disorder that affects millions of women in the UK.


One of the main symptoms of this incurable condition is excessive hair growth (Hirsutism) This usually occurs on the face, neck, back, breasts and buttocks. However it is not limited to these areas. The hairs can grow through very thick and dark making women feel extremely self conscious, embarrassed and want to cover themselves up or disguise this particular symptom.

Unfortunately, because this condition is hormone driven laser hair removal cannot completely get rid of that unwanted hair. However it can radically reduce the hair growth with regular treatments, make it softer and more refined, which in turn will make you feel 100% more confident!

Here at Hyde Park Laser Clinic, I have a few clients with this condition who once used bleaching creams, plucked daily, and shaved sometimes twice a day to keep the hairs at bay. These methods can cause skin irritations, ingrown hairs and also shaving rash. All the ladies I have helped so far are over the moon with their results after just a couple sessions and wish that they had started their laser journey sooner.

Because this condition is hormone driven which in turn causes the hair to grow, clients with PCOS will require maintenance appointments more then the person who does not suffer PCOS. It is because of this we offer all PCOS clients 25% off their maintenance appointments so we can keep on top of the results and continue to make them feel confident.

We can stop you feeling like you need to cover up!

Here are some results from a lovely lady who has PCOS. These results are from just ONE session. You can already see the reduction in follicles and the improvement in their skin from not having to shave it on a daily basis.


For more information about PCOS please get in touch, or read more about Laser Hair Removal