Look at these amazing results!

Wow! Just look at these amazing results from our clients first ever laser session. With just one session down almost all of the dark follicles have disappeared, their skin feels nice and smooth and they’ve already cut down the frequency of shaving.

This client wished they started laser hair removal a lot sooner and says it is life changing.

Here is their review:


Highly recommend


After winning a competition of a course of laser hair removal. I would not hesitate to go back for more treatments with Pippa, she’s so welcoming and friendly and makes you feel at ease for the whole duration. The whole salon in general are also very welcoming. Highly recommend the Hyde park laser clinic 👌🏼 Also If you haven’t thought about laser hair removal… it’s a life changer wish I done it sooner 🙌🏻


No more shaving, waxing, plucking or using hair removal creams!

Once you have started your laser hair removal journey you will notice a huge difference in the hair grown even after a couple sessions.

Shaving almost everyday can make the skin irritated, rashly and develop ingrown hairs. This can be extremely frustrating for most people. As laser hair removal kills off the follicles this reduces hugely over time completely eliminating it altogether.

Waxing away your unwanted hair is quick with immediate results, but it is also not permanent and can also leave you with irritations, ingrown hairs and rashes. You also have to grow the hair for your appointments. One of the beauty’s of laser hair removal is that you need to be clean shaven for your sessions, so no hairy armpits, legs or bikinis in the summer months.

Laser hair removal really is a great way to solve any issues you have with unwanted hair and in the long run is the most cost effective way. Once the follicles have been died off with the laser hair cannot grow back in its place.

Why are our results so good?

Here at Hyde Park Laser Clinic we invested in the best technology in the UK. We use the most advanced laser hair removal technology with the Eneka Pro diode laser machine. It is a medical grade EU approved machine giving great results and we are proud to own one.

We recommended that both men and women start with a course of 6 sessions to get the most benefit out of their treatment. By the end of these sessions you should see a hair reduction of 85-90%. These are recommendations as each individual is different and certain factors can impact your treatment. These can include hormones, medications and stress.

If you are liking the look of these results contact us today for your free consultation and patch test.

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